10 ASMP Photographers go to China

Originally Posted: Friday, December 07, 2007

In October ten ASMP photographers, nine from Chicago, went to China to document the eastern coast port city of Rizhao at the invitation of the Shandong Provincial government.

The whole group presenting a computer slideshow of our work to our main host Dr. Li Zhaoqian at a banquet on the last night of the trip (Dirk Fletcher photo).

Group 2 in the Black Pottery Art Center with black pottery folk artist Xing Baodong in Rizhao.

Group 1 working the Forbidden City in Beijing (Frank McMahon photo).

It was a wonderful trip, though……

Group members left to right, back to front
Elie Berkman, Dirk Fletcher, Frank McMahon, Eric Futran,
Lee Balgemann and David Seide (David’s selftimed photo).
Marc Hauser, Sylvia Plachy, Ron Gould and Karen Hirsch.
we came back one tired group.

Articles and events related to the trip: Spreading Sunshine in China: An Unforgettable Journey for Chicago Photographers Presentation 4/3/08 at Calumet Photographic, Chicago, Rizhao, China: the view from Chicago in the 2/17/08 Chicago Sun-Times and Rizhao—in the Eyes of American Photographers in the 1/19/08 Rizhao News, China (this is a link to a page on an US server that has the translation and links to the Chinese server).

Elie Berkman
David Seide
Frank McMahon

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